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The further developed variant of the IMZ implant system, namely a succesor. By means of it all types of prosthetic technique can be performed. One of the most acknowledged system in the world.

Specialist in the porcelain veiling of crowns and bridges.

A cég több mint 2000 olyan terméket gyárt és forgalmaz, melyeket a fogorvosok világszerte az orális egészség megőrzése és javítása érdekében használnak.

Renewed and acknowledged medicament and health products. Curasan - the specialist of revival biocare.

Resorbable and nonresorbable membranes for guided bone regeneration.

Whole scale of indispensable items of self cleaning, of natural teeth, implants, and conventional prostheses.

The denti implant system is the most developed Hungarian implant system, with 25 years of experience. Favourable price and quality. It is a paar with the most known implant systems.

Company of dental equipment and other technical appliences. The trade-name is a bond.