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Our team

Dr. Szilágyi Zoltán, oral surgeon, implantologist

I was born in Nagyvárad in 1948. I started the university studies in Kolozsvár, and continued in Marosvásárhely. I defended my thesises successfully in 1972. Until 1980 I worked as a regional dentist and in the meantime passed the exam in dental and oral diseases in 1978. Between 1980 and 1988 I worked as a specialist at the Hetényi Géza Hospital and MÁV (Railway) Hospital in Szolnok, and after making the board exam in oral surgery I was appointed as chief doctor. From 1988 I worked at the Department of Oral Surgery at the Medical Center of Debrecen University as an assistant lecturer. At present time I am working as an assistant professor. I am a tutor of medical students, teach residents, and fresh doctors in dentistry. I perform research work in the field of dental in- and transplantation, dental implantology. I am a regular speaker of the Hungarian and international congresses. I am a member of the Hungarian Society of Facio-Maxillary Surgeons, Hungarian Society of Implantologists. I run an independent,  2-seated private clinic furnished with a dental surgical operating theater.

Dr. Hegedűs Ágnes, protetics, conservating and pediatric dentist

I was born in Debrecen, 1970. In 1995 I graduated at the Medical University of Debrecen as a Doctor of Dentistry. In 1988 I completed the board exam of Dental and Oral Diseases. After 1995 I worked as a pediatric dentist. In 2005 I completed the bord exam in pediatric dentistry, and protetic conservating dentistry. From 2005 I work in a private dental surgery clinic. My specialized field: pediatric dentistry.

Morauszkiné Andriskó Szilvia, dental hygienist

In 1983 I finished the scrub nurse course. Since 1990 I am working for the Department of Facio-Maxillary Surgery of the University of Debrecen, as a  chief scrub nurse. In 1996 I completed the state language exam in Russian at the advanced level. In 2001 I became a qualified dental assistant. In 2003 I acquired a diploma in clinical dental hygienia.