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Our Dental surgery (consulting room) provides you with an all inclusive service. We provide painless treatment both for children and adults. Our patients are waited on at our easily accessible dentistry with state of the art equipment and facilities. Our skillful doctors resolve not only your general dental problems, but also your operative dentistry problems. We also deal with more difficult pediatric dentistry complaints. Turn to us with confidence!

About Us: Our dentistry practice is operating since 1993 at Csapo utca 6, 4th floor door number 62, in the centre of Debrecen. At first we saw our patients who arrived with their teeth complaints twice a week. Later three times a week, and recently our door has opened for the dentistry patients for, four times a week. Currently two specialists perform the duty of general dentistry. The doctors of oral surgery and pediatric dentististry possess different specializations and are eligible to perform specialized interventions. Consequently, we can deal with many problems within the same clinic. Our aim is to provide an all inclusive service within the shortest time possible at the highest professional level. The clinical backround is ensured by our oral surgeon. We treat our patients in our friendly, state-of-the-art, and quiet dentistal surgery clinic in a  sweet-tempered anthropocentric and holistic manner.
Telephone: 06-52-447624